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I define myself as a methodical, organized, disciplined person but I recognize that when I enter the workshop door with the clear intention to create, I lose the notion of space and time ...

Passion, creativity, the technique of sertí, freehand work give way to meticulously made pieces completely handmade, well cared for, with a current design that makes them handmade textile jewellery in natural silk.

A technique that requires great precision and mastery, since any small error will cause the work done to be discarded.

A methodical and precise work, which cannot be finished until the fixing of the silk in a vaporizer for two hours and the subsequent washing of the piece to ensure the total quality of creation.
I discovered the silk and the technique of painting when my parents sent me for a while to Paris to expand my knowledge in the language. Near the attic that I had rented two steps from Montmartre was an attelier where an artist used the natural silk for her works of art and there everything began. It was the inspiration that led me to create my own workshop.

The workshop is located in C / Mestre Joan Corrales, 83 in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona).

When I think and create designs for new collections I like to be alone in the workshop... mix with the colours, hidden between brushes and caressing silks. In the silence ... only me and the inspiration, as Pablo Picasso said

"If the inspiration comes let it catch me working."