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Concha Blanch
Art and crafts
“Art is a rebellion, which encompasses the creations made to express a sensitive view of the world. It is an expression of humanity”.

For more than 31 years, I decided to rebel with the world in order to be able to professionally express my particular vision of fashion, art and crafts. Since I was little I was passionate about drawing, painting and any technique of plastic arts, year after year I learned in different workshops, I researched and I continue innovating in all the possibilities that I can contribute to paint silk by hand ...

“The word craftsmanship is used to name all the various types of items or items that are made with hands, usually with an important degree of creativity and originality. Craft is one of the most important creations of the human being when he discovered the possibility of working with the natural materials that surrounded him to transform them into something different, more complex and beautiful.”.

I am a craftsman, an artist, I work with my hands and with much affection every piece I create. Without any previous sketch or predetermined idea I let myself be carried by the brushes and the colours. I like to work in silence, because music does not have space in this process of communion between silk, colours and myself.

When I prepare a collection I study the trends of each season, but I do not always follow them, I like to have the freedom to express what I feel in each moment, art must be free and without ties.
I discovered the technique of silk painting by hand on a trip I made to Paris in 1973, walking through the famous neighbourhood of painters of Montmartre I found the shop-workshop of the artist Dominique Clermont.

The textures, the colours, the brightness of the fabric ... a new magical world that I was learning and observing day by day in my increasingly assiduous visits to Dominique in the 6 months that I remained in Paris.

When I returned to Barcelona I could not continue my learning with these materials because of the impossibility of finding them in the city of Barcelona due to the lack of knowledge of the technique of hand painting of silk. I continued to train in the workshop of the painter Molina del Cubo in Cornellà de Llobregat, at the Escola Massana (enamelled) and at the Sant Lluc Art Center in Barcelona.

After a few years, on a second visit to Paris I got the necessary material to develop the natural silk painting by hand in Barcelona, ​​at which time I started my professional project as a craftsman and artist.

From 1972 to 1990 I continued with research and continuous training, I did various solo and group exhibitions and worked with different architects and interior designers in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Málaga and San Sebastián.

In 1990 I decide to change the decorative works for feminine creations, with the aim of democratizing the art and the craftsmanship and to be able to reach a greater group. From then on, two collections of women's fashion complements were made every year.